Corporate Information
Company Name Premiere Holdings Co.,Ltd.
Address Nihonbashi honcho matsumoto Bldg, 7F, 3-8-5 Nihonbashi honcho Chuuo-ku, Tokyo 1030023 Japan
Tel:81-3-6661-2640 Fax:81-3-6661-2641
Established January 29th 2004
Paid-in Capital 90 million yen (including capital reserve)
The purpose or the
1.The purpose of the Company shall be to control and manage business activities of companies engaged in the following businesses by holding their shares;
 (1) Financial instrument trading as defined in the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law
 (2) Any other financial services and any businesses incidental of related thereto.
2.The Company may conduct business to obtain mid to long-term profits through investment in domestic and foreign companies and subsequent participation in and control of their management.
3.The Company may provide consulting services related to management of other businesses.
4.The Company may provide consulting services related to investment.
5.The Company may conduct business related to real estate purchase, sale and leasing as well as real estate brokerage and management.
6.The Company may conduct business related to securities investment and management.
7.The Company may conduct any other business incidental to those described in the preceding paragraphs.
Number of Executives 2 persons as of September 1st, 2015
Board of Directors
Representative director,
President CEO
 Hisahiro Matsuda
(Premiere Asset Management ,Co.,Ltd Representative director,President) (Premiere Systems ,Co.,Ltd Representative director,President)
Auditor Daimaru Tanaka
Major Shareholders NKB Co.,Ltd
Hisahiro Matsuda
other 60 shareholders.
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